Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Charice Pempengco performs duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden - watch the video.


See the latest Season of Heroes. View Episode below:

Monday, September 8, 2008


Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 will soon have its finals night this coming Sept 13-14 at the Cuneta Astrodome. The question is..who do you think deserves to the PDA2 Grand Star Dreamer?

Will it be Bugoy? Cris? Miguel? Laarni? Liezyl? or Van?

Pinay Betty La Fea

Betty La Fea, or “Yo soy Betty, la fea” is a telenovela from Colombia, produced by RCN network. A number of versions have already been produced in different countries, most recent of which is US’ Ugly Betty.

Today is its pilot episode for the pinay version of Betty La Fea. Bea Alonzo as Betty La Fea.

I am amazed how Bea has transformed into a dorky looking person. It is really funny, she played the role very well. Unlike most of her teleserye which is full of drama and tragedy, bea has showed her lighter side. Other than bea, the veteran comedians make it more funnier like Ai-ai de las alas, vhong navarro and the rest.

Super! Bravo!

The Amazing Race Asia 3 Is The Toughest Race Ever.

The Amazing Race Asia 3 Is The Toughest Race Ever will premier on AXN this coming 11 September, every Thursday @ 9pm (EA) 10pm (HK).

Representing team Philippines would be a dating couple Geoff and Tisha.

Prison Break Season 4

Since the success of the previous seasons, people are more thrilled to watch the latest Prison Break Season 4.

The fourth season of Prison Break premiered last September 1, 2008. The fourth season will see the return of Sara Tancredi. The plot continues three weeks from the third season finale, where Michael drives off into the horizon to avenge the "death" of Sara.

Birthday of Mama Mary

Today, Sept.8, is the birthday of Mama Mary is one of the most celebrated events for Catholics. It is a day when people give thanks to Mary for bringing Jesus to the World.

In Cebu the most visited church for events like this is the Simala Church in Argao. As early as Saturday, Sept. 6, people are already camping outside the church. Noticeably, more and more devotees are visiting the church every year.